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phil&teds dash lightweight inline stroller double kit in red 3 qtr view_red SOLD
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dash™ (pre-2019) double kit™ DASHDK_V5 from $99.50 NZD $199.00 NZD sold out
phil&teds alpha safe & light weight baby capsule 3qtr view _9 month alpha™ infant car seat (ex-hire seat for sale) a safe & lightweight car seat capsule with base options to click & go ALPHA-CSRP_V2 $62.25 NZD $249.00 NZD
phil&teds extra large cocoon in black 3/4 view_black extra long cocoon™ NAVCNL_V1 $29.75 NZD $119.00 NZD
phil&teds hangbag storage bag in red front on view_red more info hangbag stroller handle caddy E3HB_V1 $19.50 NZD $39.00 NZD
phil&teds smart rain cover on buggy 3qtr view_default SOLD
smart storm cover SM3SC_V3 $12.25 NZD $49.00 NZD sold out
phil&teds alpha car seat summer cover_default summer car seat cover CSSC_V1 $17.50 NZD $35.00 NZD
phil&teds smart sun cover on buggy 3qtr view_default SOLD
smart mesh cover SM3MC_V3 $14.75 NZD $59.00 NZD sold out
phil&teds sub 4 jogging stroller with sunhood attached 3/4 view_black sub 4™ running buggy SUB_V1 $499.50 NZD $999.00 NZD
go™ (2020+) travel system more info go™ (2020+) travel system effortless&fuss-free $648.00 NZD $663.00 NZD
dot™ travel system more info dot™ travel system value inline® $1,048.00 NZD $1,127.00 NZD
sport™ travel system more info sport™ travel system sporty inline® $1,148.00 NZD $1,227.00 NZD
dash™ travel system more info dash™ travel system urban inline® $1,248.00 NZD $1,327.00 NZD