covid - 19 essential range

phil&teds® is approved by MBIE as an Essential Goods Provider; to provide and deliver the following essential nursery items during COVID-19 alert levels. 

Regions under Level 4: 

  • While parts of New Zealand are under COVID-19 alert level 4, our warehouse is still operational
  • All deliveries of these essential items must be delivered to a residential address. 
  • You may order anything from our webshop, however, only the below essential items can be delivered during Level 4 alert status.
  • Remaining items (those not listed as Essential) will be delivered as we move to Level 3

In addition to the below all spare parts and the buggy matching sun and storm covers are also essential items for immediate delivery.

Regions under level 2: 

  • For regions under level 2, orders and deliveries continue as normal.
  • Deliveries can be sent to either a residential or (an open) business address

Please also note: We are currently experiencing a very high demand for our products. We are working hard to get product to you or respond to your enquiry. Due to recent COVID outbreaks affecting some offices around the world, we have lower capacity so may be running behind. At this time, we do appreciate your patience, if we take longer than usual to get you what you need.  

Please know that we are prioritising the safety of our team while working as quickly as we can. One of our team will be in touch with you as soon we can.  Multiple emails/form submissions may delay your query even more; we merely work from oldest to newest enquiries.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your understanding.

kia kaha NZ, phil&teds x

inline® buggies

simply choose your liner colour and stroll in style with 1 or 2 kids in tow with the original inline®! they're fabulous single buggies that grow with your fam’ to take 2, & adapt to your ever-changing needs!

phil&teds dot buggy with chilli liner 3/4 view_chilli more info dot™ value inline® $879.00 NZD
sporty mum at the beach with two toddlers sitting in sport™ inline® buggy | more info sport™ sporty inline® $989.00 NZD
parents interacting with two toddlers sitting face to face using voyager inline buggy made by philandteds more info voyager™ uptown inline® $1,099.00 NZD
phil&teds double kit in sky blue 3qtr view_sky more info sport™ and sport verso™ double kit™ front&back $269.00 NZD
go™ 2020+ compact umbrella stroller with rust coloured liner more info go™ (2020+) effortless&fuss-free $439.00 NZD
gif showing the adapatbility of the go double kit attaching to the go buggy or converting to a standalone buggy more info go™ double kit™ petite inline® $439.00 NZD

infant car seat & bases

phil&teds alpha™ infant car seat shown with a cute baby safely harnessed into the capsule_black/grey marl alpha™ infant car seat (2020+) a safe & lightweight infant car seat PT-ALPHA_V3 $269.00 NZD
phil&teds isofix car seat base shown side on with easy adjusting isofix clamps_black ISOfix base for alpha™ infant car seat CSBISO_ $219.00 NZD

convertible carseats & boosters

convertible car seats (0-4+ years)
a car seat that 'converts' from a rear facing baby car seat to a forward facing child booster seat. we recommend rear facing your baby in their car seat for as long as possible. 

child booster seats (4+ years)
a booster seat that positions your child to safely fit your vehicles seat belt. the child booster seat is the final and important car seat stage.

phil&teds discovery car seat 3/4 view_black discovery™ car seat ride safe & high in style CSDISC_V2 $309.00 NZD view product


high chairs for home & away.
A dad and child outside enjoying a snack while using clip on high chair phil&teds lobster on a park picnic table more info lobster™ have lobster at the table everyday! LB_V2 $139.00 NZD
a baby and toddler eating a snack in the poppy high chair in convertible high chair and my chair mode by phil&teds poppy™ (2020+) high chair to my chair PT-POPPY_V2 $159.00 NZD
two cute kids showing high chair and my chair mode for the phil&teds poppy wooden legs high chair poppy™ wood high chair to my chair PT-POPPYWOOD_V2 $269.00 NZD
two kids showing the versatile adaptability of the poppy™ modes kit, allowing attachment to a dining chair or converting to a floor seat for your baby poppy™ modes kit (2020+) high&low PT-POPPYMODESKIT_V2 $21.99 NZD


baby bath seat for a safe & easy bath solution!
cute baby shown having a bubble bath while sitting safely supported in a phil&teds bath seat poppy™ bath seat sit&splash PT-POPPYBATHSEAT_V2 $65.99 NZD


our snug™ and cocoon™ carrycots compliment your buggy by creating a warm cosy enclosure for resting baby, and easily remove carrycot without waking baby.
phil&teds cocoon 3/4 view_black cocoon™ cosy&carry PT-COCOON-XL_V6 $109.00 NZD
phil&teds snug carrycot with lid 3/4 view_black more info snug™ carrycot rest&relax $329.00 NZD
phil&teds snug carrycot all weather cover set 3/4 view_default snug™ carrycot all weather cover set mesh&storm PT-CRYCT-COVERSET_V6 $75.99 NZD
spare parts & travel systems

all phil&teds® spare parts are essential for your parenting day. check all spare parts here.

By easily attaching your infant car seat to your buggy using adaptors, you'll drive bubs around & get from car to buggy & back again in seconds! Check travel systems for phil&teds buggies!