poppy™ (2020+) accessories

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phil&teds award winning poppy high chair seat liner with four colour options more info poppy™ seat liner PT-POPPYSEATLINER_V2 $19.99 NZD
phil&teds poppy bath seat shown 3/4 front angle_white poppy™ bath seat sit&splash PT-POPPYBATHSEAT_V2 $69.99 NZD
phil&teds poppy modes kit accessory shown in use on a dining chair and as a floor seat_assorted poppy™ modes kit (2020+) high&low PT-POPPYMODESKIT_V2 $19.99 NZD
phil&teds poppy table top shown used with required additional poppy highchair legs_white poppy™ table top (2020+) snack&play PT-POPPYTABLEKIT_V2 $59.99 NZD
phil&teds lobster high in red colour made for mums award winner_red more info lobster™ have lobster at the table everyday! LB_V2 $169.99 NZD
phil&teds traveller portable travel baby cot bassinet 3qtr view_default traveller™ bassinet accessory travel light&sleep close TRBN_V4 $87.99 NZD $109.99 NZD
phil&teds parade backpack carrier in blue and grey colour_blue more info parade™ freedom for everyday adventure CPA_V1 $219.99 NZD
phil&teds alpha™ infant car seat shown with a cute baby safely harnessed into the capsule_black/grey marl alpha™ infant car seat (2020+) a safe & lightweight infant car seat PT-ALPHA_V3 $269.00 NZD
poppy 2020+ highchair front view showing replacement harness strap spare part poppy™(2020+) harness PT-PPOPPYHARNESSV2_ $10.00 NZD
replacement seatpost for poppy 2020+ metal and wood legs highchair spare part seat post for poppy™ 2020+ PT-PPOPPYSEATPOSTV2 $34.40 NZD
replacement food tray spare part for poppy 2020+ highchair poppy™(2020+) food tray PT-PPOPPYTRAYV2_ $30.00 NZD
replacement wooden leg for poppy wood poppy™ wooden leg (x1) for poppy™ wood 2020+ PT-PPOPPYWOODLEGV2 $57.80 NZD