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inline® buggy accessories

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feed accessories

adaptable solutions for feeding time
phil&teds poppy 2020+ metal table leg sections spare parts silver poppy™ table top metal legs (2020+) PT-POPPYTLEGSET_V2 $32.99 NZD view product
phil&teds food tray attached to buggy_black food tray FTP_V1 $20.99 NZD view product
phil&teds caddy storage bag in black 3/4 view_black caddy pack&store PT-STORAGE-CADDY_V6 $42.99 NZD view product

carry accessories

practical additions to your parenting day when out and about
phil&teds travel bag fully loaded and easy to open & close_red travel bag pack&go PTTB_V1 $149.00 NZD sold out view product
phil&teds diddie sets fits all your parenting gear_black marl diddie body&buggy PT-STRE-DIDDIESET_V6 $97.99 NZD view product

drive accessories

comfort options and travel systems for car seat capsules
phil&teds alpha car seats fitted with the all weather cover set 3/4 view_default infant car seat covers set CSCOVERS_V1 $53.99 NZD view product
phil&teds universal car seat adaptor 3/4 view_default universal car seat adaptor sport™ sport verso™ voyager™ 2019+ (includes inline clips) strap&secure PT-UNIVERSALCSA_V6 $86.99 NZD view product