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inline® buggies

stroll with 1 or 2 kids in tow with an original inline®! they're fabulous singles that grow with your fam’ to take 2, & adapt to your ever-changing needs!
sporty mum at the beach with two toddlers sitting in sport™ inline® buggy | sport™ sporty inline® $899.00 NZD view product
parents interacting with two toddlers sitting face to face using voyager inline buggy made by philandteds voyager™ uptown inline® $999.00 NZD view product

inline® & double kit bundles

the convenience of a double buggy in the footprint of a single, phil&teds® developed the world's first inline® buggy in 1998 and has led innovation since. these buggy&double kit bundles offer a range of options to suit all family situations
sport™ & double kit™ sport™ & double kit™ sporty inline® $1,148.00 NZD view product