sub 4 running buggy

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phil&teds sub 4 jogging stroller rear view_black
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sub 4 running buggy

The world's fastest jogger... The power and freedom to walk, run or jog.

wow! features: 

  • geometric design for unparalleled stride length
  • unique one-hand control for sound running posture
  • fully adjustable handle height
  • experience running like never before
  • engineered for speed and uncompromised performance
  • geometric design for unparalleled stride length
  • unique one hand control for sound running posture
  • fully adjustable handle height
  • motion control hub at centre of frame configuration
  • 20" rear wheels with pneumatic tyres to reduce roll resistance 
  • complete impact absorption - full suspension & torsion control bars for responsive frame flex
  • state of the art aerocore seat technology*
  • five point safety harness
  • one hand dual disk brakes for speed control & park
  • full sunhood ensuring maximum coverage

tech specs:
maximum load of 15kg

*aerocore seat technology:
waterproof and UV resistant
cushioning & supportive 
wipe clean & hypo-allergenic
lightweight & streamlined
insulating with ventilation holes
perfect form fit

$1,099.00 NZD

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Setting up your sub 4™ running buggy is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Running mum
Used on and offroad

I have loved the sub 4. I brought the sub 4 and the rain and shade covers. I used with my youngest when i was training for an offroad marathon. I found it easy to push one handed. The disc brakes work great for heading down the hills. My son loved being out and about in it awake or asleep.

Great buggy, let down by lack of finishing touches

I've purchased this for my husband to help look after our child while he trains for Ironman. We purchased online and the transaction was both speedy and smooth. It looks fast, and to make it look even faster, could use some spoke covers, to give it that 'disc wheel' look. The cocoon seat, while feels quite hard, is liked by our child - no padding required here! The buggy arrived well packed, and instructions were clear and easy to follow - we had this assembled in less than 10 minutes. We spent the most time fine tuning the brakes; the discs were not centred, and the cable tensions were uneven. Without some basic cycling maintenance knowledge, this would have required us to visit our local shop for assistance. The handle is height adjustable, and easily accommodates runners over 6 feet tall. It tracks reasonably well, and the weight of buggy+child is balanced to enable very minor inputs to correct steering. The ride is smooth, and the suspension works well, albeit for the rear wheels only. The large diameter wheels enables it to move remarkably easily - only minor loss in speed. If running into a headwind, however, the hood acts as an enormous wind-brake, and it doesn't sit in the retracted position very well. It could use a tether of some kind to hold it down. When taking this out on the road, the buggy tracks to the left, and there isn't any trim adjustments to correct - it would benefit from micro adjusters as found on single speed bicycles on the front wheel to correct. The hubs would benefit from cartridge bearings rather than cheap cup & cone affairs. The quick releases need a more positive engagement, a click for example, to tell the user when it is fully locked in place. The brakes need greater modulation; the lever has a 'lock on' position, but in order to make the brake effective, this renders the lock unavailable as to pull the lever back far enough to engage requires gorilla strength. Finally, as its a run buggy, water bottle holders, bicycle light attachments and/or reflective strips would go a long way to making it visible/safer in low-light conditions. In all, we still believe this is a worthwhile investment, however the attention to detail is lacking which prevents it from being a truly great purchase.

Amazing buggy but might not suit everyone.

I saw this buggy online about 4 months before the birth of our daughter and knew than that I wanted one, as a dad, engineer, keen runner and cyclist it ticks lots of boxes though there are a few niggles. First the good, which is all very very good: Its a joy to push, running or walking this is our go to pram of choice (we have two) long country walks aren't a torturous endurance event on the wrists anymore, it simple glides over anything in its path. The suspension is perfectly tuned to balance out any roll and the big wheels iron out tree roots to ripples, it really is first rate. The handle is long and surprisingly narrow and very easy to change height between me and my wife, is perfectly balanced against the weight of the buggy and despite being a fixed front wheel changes of direction are more telepathic than a conscious effort. Its got 'proper' brakes, as a cyclist I take great comfort in having a degree of control with the brake, the brakes are a mixed blessing (see below). The build quality is on the whole very good, more inline with mountain bikes than run of the mill strollers, the base unit is tank like, surprisingly heavy but very stable and secure. Now the bad, or niggles depending on your point of view: The brake calipers are really basic, which in its self isn't a bad thing, they are functional and work within the limits of their requirements brilliantly but, you can't adjust the brake pads so one (or both) brake pads will squeal as they rub against the disc. For me with my engineers cap on this is an oversight in design, for my wife the squealing is incredibly annoying. Given that the rest of the buggy exudes quality its an annoying downside. I'll be looking to upgrade the calipers in the very near future to solve this problem. The second issue with the brakes is the cable and its need to be constantly attached, the first time you need to break the buggy down to go in the car you'll see why this is a problem. A lightweight but cumbersome seat and handle unit, attached to a heavy and even more cumbersome base unit by a thin brake cable, not great especially in a muddy car park, screaming child, etc etc. Its a big buggy, its wide to the point of only just getting through a standard door, its long and takes up a lot of space so need a big enough place to keep it alongside your day-to-day stroller. The canopy is sprung into position and doesn't collapse, so putting our daughter (@6 months) into the buggy is more akin to posting her through a hole, its never been a problem and as she gets older she will merrily climb in by herself but its a niggle that could be resolved by the canopy folding flat. Less of a negative for the P&T design team, but the frame needs some protection if you plan on putting the buggy in the car, trying to reattach the wheels and clip the seat to the base without dragging the paintwork over the ground is impossible without an F1 pit crew. In short, this is a running buggy not a day to day stroller, so will only ever be a second+ stroller in your arsenal of child related paraphernalia. It has a couple of minor niggles (for me) that I will solve but I absolutely love this buggy, it looks awesome and is fantastic to use running or walking. My wife was initially intimidated by it (looks very tech and complicated) but now loves it, as long as i do everything bar lowering the handle. If you run or do a lot of long walks, this is a supreme piece of kit you will enjoy using.

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