carrycot stand

phil&teds carrycot stand with storage basket 3/4 view_black
phil&teds carrycot stand with storage basket and nest baby bassinet on top 3/4 view_black
phil&teds carrycot stand with storage basket and nest baby bassinet on top and father taking baby out of bassinet 3/4 view_black

carrycot stand

Elevate snug carrycot with the carrycot stand. It can be used as a bed, & keeps your bub safe from dust, drafts & pets. There's even handy storage space underneath!

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Product Code: MBCCSD_V2


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Does not work well with original nest

We recently bought this stand after my brother gave us his old Phil & teds nest. Unfortunately the stand does not work perfectly with the original nest. We figured that might happen but we are going to keep it anyways. If we had the newer nest I'm sure I would give a 5-star rating - it was easy to assemble, is compact, seems sturdy. Really nothing negative about the stand itself!

Useful Carrycot Stand

We bought this for our second baby as we have both the Snug & Peanut bassinets. The large storage basket is handy for wipes & nappies for overnight and it is light & easy to move around the house with us during the day. However if you have the pram that these bassinets attach to, I would just use that, as then you have the added option of rocking the baby to sleep!

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