lambswool liner

phil&teds lambswool liner keeps your baby and buggy cozy and warm_natural
phil&teds sport buggy with lambswool liner 3qtr view_natural
phil&teds lambswool liner on go buggy in cherry red 3 qtr view_natural

lambswool liner


adapt&survive the parenting day with a new-look lambswool liner that delivers an ultra pimped out buggy ride!

wow! features:

  • 100% lambswool
  • soft, natural and non-itchy against skin
  • temperature regulating - keeps baby winter warm & springtime cool
  • harness slots for a better buggy fit
  • a universal fit to any phil&teds® buggy or double kit™
$139.00 NZD

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Product weight
0.3kg / 0.6lbs

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